A Truly Disruptive
Lightning Fast IoT Platform

10x faster with mind blowing aggregation speed

Lightning Fast

Yes! Lightning fast because ThingsConnect is capable of handling trillions of events, petabytes of data with real-time streaming ingestion powered by BSON, Time series and Columnar databases. It can handle 3Million+ events/sec through real time ingestion, tens of thousands of sub second OLAP queries/sec, supports multi-tenancy, rapid multidimensional filtering with mind blowing aggregation speed. Not just lightning fast, It is extremely cost effective and highly scalable too.

Designed To Enable Rapid Development<

Re-imagine and Re-invent with ThingsConnect

In your journey from insight to innovation, gaining greater visibility across your value chain, into the future and complete control of your strategic decisions with the help of smart connected devices and sensors derived data makes more business sense especially when it comes to improving your company’s operational efficiency and financial performance. Our end-to-end IoT solutions and services enable you capitalize on the huge potential that IoT brings to the table. ThingsConnect can entirely transform the way you look at your processes, resources, system and information by providing actionable insights from your data and empowers you for “Smart Management” of your company.

Why ThingsConnect