September 3, 2017

Smart Devices

Our engineering team released the first version of ThingsConnect IoT gateway. ThingsConnect IoT gateway is our new on-demand PCB development board hardware solution that can be customized to build smart IoT devices and can be connected with our ThingsConnect IoT platform, a part of our end-to-end IoT solution offering. It proves our capability to design and engineer smart IoT devices and custom design PCB. ThingsConnect IoT gateway:

  • is Open source technology
  • is Arduino and RaspberryPi Compatible
  • supports RFID
  • supports Bluetooth (BLE), GSM/ GPRS
  • has Serial Wifi Transceiver
  • has Quad band modules
  • supports multi-protocols (LoRA/ Sigfox etc.)
  • supports LWIP

Technical Specification: